Counseling Services K-12

  • K-12 Counseling Center Services

    The Cheektowaga CSD is proud to offer a full range of student support services to include individual and group counseling for students.  All students have the ability daily to access the services through the counseling centers in each respective building.  The counseling staff are fully equipped to work with students and their families if referrals are needed to local agencies for support as well.  Social Emotional Learning is of the highest priority in our district with a focus on positive mental health literacy in our schools.  We utilize a Trauma Informed approach and apply the use of Restorative Practices daily, within our respective buildings.

    Cheektowaga High School (716) 686-3634, Donna O'Connor, Office Assistant

    Mrs. Laurie Ferry, School Counselor

    Mrs. Courtney Wall, School Counselor

    Mrs. Lauren Smith, School Counselor

    School Social Worker, TBD

    Ms. Jeanne Kornowicz, School Psychologist

    Middle School (716) 686-3649, Jackie Formato, Office Assistant 

    Mrs. Melissa Goc, School Counselor

    Mrs. Kim Nichols, School Counselor

    Mrs. Nancy Kean, School Social Worker

    Mrs. Katie Boutot-Wocjik, School Psychologist


    Union East Elementary (716) 686-3620 or (716) 686-3621, Donna McCulloch, Office Assistant

    Mrs. Kristin Dudas, School Counselor

    Mrs. Maria Kocialski, School Social Worker

    Mr. Bernie Huber, School Social Worker

    Ms. Alison Napier, School Psychologist


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    Learning Styles Inventories - Once completed the College and Career Center will provide you with a report on your learning style. Once you are aware of your learning style, you can begin to select learning strategies that work with your specific strengths. Your guidance counselor can help you with this.