Counseling Services K-12

  • K-12 Counseling Center Services
    The Counseling Center Services of Cheektowaga Central Schools, consists of ten school counselors, five school social workers, and two school psychologists. If you or your child is experiencing some difficulties, please contact the Counseling Center located in the building in which your child attends school. Staff will be able to help resolve the problem or refer you to the specialized services you may need.

    High School Counseling Center 

    (716) 686-3634

    Donna O'Connor, Office Assistant

    School Counselors:

    Claudia Rodems

    Laurie Ferry

    Lauren Moeller

    Courtney Wall

    Alternative High School Counselor

    Reuben Owens  (716) 686-3683

    Middle School Counseling Center 

    Jackie Formato, Office Assistant (716) 686-3649

    School Counselors:

    Melissa Goc

    Kim Nichols

    Lauren Smith

    Union East Elementary 

    Kim Rice, Office Assistant

    Audra Cyrulik, Office Assistant

    Donna McCulloch, Office Assistant

    (716) 686-3620 or (716) 686-3621

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    Learning Styles Inventories - Once completed the College and Career Center will provide you with a report on your learning style. Once you are aware of your learning style, you can begin to select learning strategies that work with your specific strengths. Your guidance counselor can help you with this.