Office of Pupil Services and Special Education

  • Director

    Mrs. Erin Weir, Director of Pupil Services and Special Education

    Ms. Cara Santoro Rasnick, District Special Education Coordinator

    Mrs. Melanie Bodecker, CPSE, CSE, 504 Plans

    Ms. Patricia Pozdyn, Special Transportation, OT/PT Scripts, Home/Hospital Instruction, Special Education Records Requests

    Mrs. Melanie Bodecker, Office Assistant, CPSE, CSE

    Ms. Patricia Pozdyn, Office Assistant, CSE

    School Psychologists

    Ms. Jeanne Kornowicz, High School / Middle School 

    Ms. Alison Napier, Union East Elementary


    Mrs. Teri Manna, Speech Language Pathologist, 686-3620
    Mrs. Leah Campagna, Speech Language Pathologist, 686-3660
    Mrs. Theresa Bernys, Speech Language Pathologist, 686-3620
    Mrs. Jennifer Schlesinger, Speech Language Pathologist, 686-3620

    Occupational Therapy

    Mrs. Susan Wasner, Occupational Therapist, 686-3660 or 686-3620
    Mrs. Hannah Field-Nazzarett, Occupational Therapist,
    Ms. Ashley Bajer, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, 686-3620

    Physical Therapy

    Dr. Jocelyn Massaro, Physical Therapist, 686-3620
    Dr. Jacqlyn Hensley, Physical Therapist, 686-3620

    CSE & CPSE Chairpersons Serving the Students and Families of the CCSD

    Mrs. Erin Weir
    Ms. Cara Santoro Rasnick
    Dr. Jocelyn Massaro
    Ms. Jeanne Kornowicz
    Ms. Alison Napier
    Mr. Brian Pane

    Special Education Services

    The Cheektowaga School District is committed to providing all students with a free and appropriate public education.  In order to meet the needs of a diverse population, the district offers alternative programs, supplementary aids and special education services.

    Special Education consists of specifically designed instruction for students (ages 3-21 years) who are identified by either the district committee on Preschool Education (CPSE) or the Committee on Special Education (CSE) as having a disability which interferes with learning.  The CPSE and CSE are multidisciplinary teams of parents and professionals responsible for determining eligibility, coordinating evaluations, and recommending programs or services.  

    The committees, appointed by and responsible to the Board of Education, hold meetings on a regular basis to respond to initial referrals.  The District is committed to identifying children with disabilities and providing necessary, appropriate services and support within the least restrictive environment. If you suspect your child has a disability, please contact the Pupil Services Office. 

    Child Find

    Child Find is a continuous process of public awareness activities, screening and evaluation designed to locate, identify, and refer as early as possible, young children with disabilities and their families who are in need of an Early Intervention Program or Preschool Special Education services through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

    To receive an Early Intervention Program or Special Education, children must meet eligibility guidelines according to IDEA. IDEA requires all states to have a “comprehension Child Find System” to assure that all children who are in need of early intervention or special education services are located, identified and referred. If you believe that your child may be a child with a disability or in need of support services, please contact the Pupil Services Office.