Office of Pupil Services and Special Education

  • Director

    Mrs. Gretchen Sukdolak
    716-686-3644 or 716-686-3643

    Mrs. Melanie Bodecker, Office Assistant, CPSE, CSE

    Ms. Patricia Pozdyn, Office Assistant, CSE

    School Psychologists

    Ms. Jeanne Kornowicz, School Psychologist, Cheektowaga Middle School & Cheektowaga High School

    Ms. Alison Napier, School Psychologist, Union East Elementary School & UPK Program


    Mrs. Teri Manna, Speech Language Pathologist, 686-3620
    Mrs. Leah Campagna, Speech Languagae Pathologist, 686-3660
    Mrs. Suzy Lelonek, Speech Language Pathologist, 686-3620
    Mrs. Jennifer Schlesinger, Speech Language Pathologist, 686-3620

    Occupational Therapy

    Mrs. Susan Wasner, Occupational Therapist, 686-3660 or 686-3620
    Mrs. Hannah Field-Nazzarett, Occupational Therapist,
    Ms. Ashley Bajer, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, 686-3620

    Physical Therapy

    Dr. Jocelyn Massaro, Physical Therapist, 686-3620
    Dr. Jacqlyn Hensley, Physical Therapist, 686-3620

    CSE & CPSE Chairpersons Serving the Students and Families of the CCSD

    Mrs. Gretchen Sukdolak, Director of PPS
    Ms. Jeanne Kornowicz, Psychologist
    Dr. Jocelyn Massaro, Physical Therapist
    Ms. Alison Napier, Psychologist
    Mr. Brian Pane, Special Education Teacher
    Mr. Ryan Rogers, Special Education Teacher


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