Office of Pupil Services and Special Education

  • Director

    Mrs. Erin Weir
    716-686-3644 or 716-686-3643

    Mrs. Melanie Bodecker, Office Assistant, CPSE, CSE

    Ms. Patricia Pozdyn, Office Assistant, CSE

    School Psychologists

    Ms. Jeanne Kornowicz, School Psychologist, Cheektowaga Middle School & Cheektowaga High School

    Ms. Alison Napier, School Psychologist, Union East Elementary School & UPK Program


    Mrs. Teri Manna, Speech Language Pathologist, 686-3620
    Mrs. Leah Campagna, Speech Language Pathologist, 686-3660
    Mrs. Theresa Bernys, Speech Language Pathologist, 686-3620
    Mrs. Jennifer Schlesinger, Speech Language Pathologist, 686-3620

    Occupational Therapy

    Mrs. Susan Wasner, Occupational Therapist, 686-3660 or 686-3620
    Mrs. Hannah Field-Nazzarett, Occupational Therapist,
    Ms. Ashley Bajer, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, 686-3620

    Physical Therapy

    Dr. Jocelyn Massaro, Physical Therapist, 686-3620
    Dr. Jacqlyn Hensley, Physical Therapist, 686-3620

    CSE & CPSE Chairpersons Serving the Students and Families of the CCSD

    Jeanne Kornowicz, School Psychologist
    Alison Napier, School Psychologist
    Jocelyn Massaro, Physical Therapist
    Brian Pane, Special Education Teacher
    Cara Santoro-Rasnick, Special Education Teacher
    Allyson Shanley, Special Education Teacher
    Ryan Rogers, Special Education Teacher