• soccer ball
    Each player should have their own soccer bag. In their bag should be: spikes, extra clothes, towel, plastic garbage bag (in case of rain), band aids, and cold ice water.

    Preseason hopes:

    • Each player should be able to come into soccer camp able to run 1 mile in less than 8 minutes.
    • Each player should be in shape to play an entire soccer game (2 x 45)
    • Each player should have the basic skills of soccer as part of their every day warm-up (ball juggling, ball dribbling, agility training, understanding of the game).
    • Have ALL their paper work as well as a physical turned into Mrs. Brock or Ms. Heerdt (school nurses) before the start of the 1st practice. Each season players show up with a physical but NO Health History form turned into the nurse. Please make sure ALL paper work is turned in BEFORE August 16th.

    Season Outlook:

    • Have a Scholar Athlete Team (everyone has a 100 average to start the year, it is each player's job to KEEP IT)!
    • Contend for the ECIC championship.
    • Get past the 2nd round of the Sectionals
    • Earn 4 1st Team All-Stars.

    Postseason hopes:

    • Player's play at a high level in the off season. Find a team or a place that is playing in the premier or men's division. Talk to your off season coaches about where the team that you are playing on is going.
    • CCHS offers a beautiful weight room facility. Stay after and use it. Stronger legs mean faster sprinters.
    • Stay active in volunteer service:
      • Officiating or coaching for the Cheektowaga Soccer Club
      • Church activities
      • School activities and clubs