Technology Office

  • Ronald LaVere, District Coordinator of Technology
    Cheryl Kulinski, Secretary

    Cheektowaga Central School District is committed to the infusion of educational technology at all grade levels and across all subject areas throughout the district. Students and staff have equitable access to a variety of technological tools to enhance educational experiences at school.

    Cheektowaga Central  School District, through its commitment to excellence, prepares individuals for life in our global community. 
    District Technology Vision: 
    Cheektowaga Central's vision of technology is to provide vigorous opportunities to staff and students to educate them in 21st Century Skills; allow staff and students to be comfortable and accomplished in the use of technology as part of their daily lives. To achieve this, the district strives to provide continued access to up-to-date technology applications.  Ultimately, we see a school in the future where every child has immediate, personal, constant, and consistent access to 21st Century Technology and technology skills, including, information, digital, media, networking and associated technologies; where technology use is an integral part of the focus of improving individual and collaborative achievement.