• Attendance - Early Release and Late Arrivals

    1. Call (716) 686-3672 if your child will be absent.
    2. You must also provide a written excuse to the attendance office immediately upon their return to school. Please indicate your child's homeroom teacher and a phone number where you may be reached.
    3. If a student is brought to school after 8 a.m. or if you are returning a student to school during the school day, they must be signed in by the parent/guardian.
    4. If a student leaves the building during school hours, the student must be signed out by a parent/guardian.

    At the end of the day students are on their own to exit the building. It is the students' responsibility to go to the bus or to the after school activity/sport that they may be a member of. Students do not have to be signed out when being picked up after the school day is over.