Project Positive

  • Project Positive is our overarching Districtwide multi-tiered framework for creating and cultivating a positive learning environment for all of our students and staff here at Cheektowaga Central. Incorporating evidence-based practices into our daily operations to promote positive behaviors and opportunities for learning for all of our students. 

    Cheektowaga Central School District Learning and Behavior Expectations
    A concerted effort was made to establish a consistent social culture and a common language across all of our buildings district-wide, through the application of  5 common learning and behavior expectations. Our building administrators collaborated and agreed on five behaviors that they felt were crucial for a student to demonstrate in order to be successful both in school and out in the community, regardless of their age. In each building, these expectations are referred to as the "The 5 B's". They are: Be Ready and On Time,  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Be Kind. Daily the expectations are taught and reinforced with our students, and students are acknowledged when they demonstrate these desired behaviors.
    Cheektowaga Central Middle School Project Positive Co-directors:

    Dave Ryan,

    Aimee Murcin,

    Way To Go Warriors

    This is an initiative under the umbrella of Project Positive, which recognizes students' character and academic efforts.  Students are nominated monthly to acknowledge their effort in demonstrating one or more of the 5 B's.  They are: Be Ready and On Time,  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Be Kind.

    Full Remote January 2021 Way To Go Warriors

    Grade 5:
    Naufu A.
    Hadi A.
    Amidat E.
    Denise K. 

    Grade 6:
    Kaylin P.

    Grade 7:
    Princess H.
    Amaya K.
    ZaKarrie S. (not pictured)

    Full Remote December 2020 Way To Go Warriors

    Grade 5:
    Mykell B.
    Rasche B.
    Kevin F.
    De'Vonna J.
    Brynn Z. 

    Grade 6:
    Tyshawn B.
    Makeda T.
    Kiyeer W. 

    Grade 7:
    Sama B.
    Margery C.
    Ja’Tavia S.
    Olivia T.
    Zaymeir T. 

    Grade 8:
    Jahzier P. (not pictured)
    Mason P.
    Fariha S. 

    Full Remote November 2020 Way To Go Warriors:

    Grade 6: Azariah G., Andrew S.
    Grade 7: Elijah D.
    Grade 8: Malik R.