• Responsibilities of Middle School Counselors:

    • Individual and Small Group Counseling
    • Social Skills Classroom Lessons
    • Scheduling
    • 5th Grade and New Student Orientation
    • High School, College, and Career Preparation
    • Peer Mediation
    • Attendance Collaboration
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Teacher Consultation

    We encourage students to speak with a counselor, when they:

    • Feel lost
    • Find school too hard
    • Want to plan their futures
    • Have questions about High School
    • Feel no one understands them
    • Need someone who will listen to them
    • Need help in making decisions
    • Want to feel better about themselves
    • Want to search for realistic goals
    • Need help in developing study habits

    A counselor will seek out students to speak with them when they:

    • Cannot keep their minds on their work
    • Need to improve work habits
    • Demonstrate inappropriate behavior
    • Need to improve conflict resolution skills
    • Need to review academic progress on a regular basis
    • Requested by a teacher

    Students must have a pass and permission from their counselor to come into Student Services.

    Parents may request a conference with their child's counselor or classroom teacher by contacting Mrs. Leogrande at (716) 686-3649.

Student Services Team