CMS Counseling Center

  • Helping Students Plan for the Future

    Kate Caldwell, Counselor - Grades 5 and 7
    Kimberly Nichols, Counselor - Grades 5 and 8
    Google Voice: 607-414-2268 (9am-3pm)
    Melissa Goc, Counselor - Grades 5 and 6
    Google Voice: 716-508-0243 (9am-3pm)
    Nancy Kean, Social Worker
    Google Voice: 716-771-2799 (9am-3pm)
    Katie Wojcik, School Psychologist
    Jackie Formato, Secretary
  • Responsibilities of Middle School Counselors:

    • Individual and Small Group Counseling
    • Social Skills Classroom Lessons
    • Scheduling
    • 5th Grade and New Student Orientation
    • High School, College, and Career Preparation
    • Peer Mediation
    • Attendance Collaboration
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Teacher Consultation

    We encourage students to speak with a counselor, when they:

    • Feel lost
    • Find school too hard
    • Want to plan their futures
    • Have questions about High School
    • Feel no one understands them
    • Need someone who will listen to them
    • Need help in making decisions
    • Want to feel better about themselves
    • Want to search for realistic goals
    • Need help in developing study habits

    A counselor will seek out students to speak with them when they:

    • Cannot keep their minds on their work
    • Need to improve work habits
    • Demonstrate inappropriate behavior
    • Need to improve conflict resolution skills
    • Need to review academic progress on a regular basis
    • Requested by a teacher

    Students are not allowed in Student Services without a pass and permission from their counselor for a scheduled appointment. 

    Parents may request a conference with their child's counselor or classroom teacher by contacting Mrs. Formato, the Student Services Secretary at 686-3649.



    The MS Counseling Center is thrilled to share with you this year's Virtual Career Fair! We have had much success in the past bringing career presenters to the middle school so we wanted to continue that initiative through distance learning this year. A unique feature of this year's career fair is that we focused on professionals that hold ESSENTIAL jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, a lot of the presentors are CCSD alumni! You will see the link below to access our google slides presentation to enjoy at home with your children and family. Here are some simple directions to follow to get the most out of the presentation:

    1. When you open the Google Slides document, click PRESENT in the top right corner. This will allow you to access the links for presentor videos.

    2. START by watching the video on the first slide. This will give you further directions to get the most out of the career fair.

    3. Video links are located near the WARRIOR SPEAR icons on each page. If it does not work with the first click, you may have to click in various spots on each specific icon to access the video that you want as the icons can be touchy. 

    4. Enjoy and get INSPIRED by these professionals that took their own time to share their jobs with you! :)

    CCMS 2020 Career Fair

    Virtual Career Fair picture that features Bitmoji's of the middle school counseling center