• Middle School Clubs and Activities

    International Club

    Advisor: Walter Wasner
    Advisor Email: wwasner@ccsd-k12.net
    Invited Grade Levels: 5, 6, 7, and 8
    About the International Club: International Club will meet on Mondays this year in Mr. Wasner’s room (m129). The focus in this club will be an exploration of different nationalities throughout the world, including aspects of their cultures like traditions, foods, arts, languages, dances, and so on. 

    Junior Challenge

    Advisor: Kate Barbati and Jillian Orlowski 
    Advisor Email: Kbarbati@ccsd-k-12.net AND/OR Jorlowski@ccsd-k12.net 
    Invited Grade Levels: 5-8
    About Junior Challenge: Junior Challenge invites students in 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade (and members of our PTA), to share their passion for volunteerism in the world. Junior Challenge also focuses on finding ways to promote kindness, become an involved student and celebrate school spirit. In previous years, our club has raised money for local charities, hosted food drives, assisted with the Veteran’s Day Drive Thru breakfast and much more!

    Students will learn self-discipline, leadership, and responsibility. This will empower students to embrace discovery, flexibility, work together amongst their peers and will hopefully inspire the next generation to build a more promising future.

    Our meetings are held twice a month in Mrs. Orlowski’s room, M215, after school.

    Junior Challenge Google Classroom code: 6enuz5x

    Math Club

    Advisor: Lenette Braddock
    Advisor Email: lbraddock@ccsd-k12.net
    Invited Grade Levels: 5-8
    About the Math Club: Math Club is designed to “find the fun” in Math. Each meeting the group is taught a different math game. We then play and challenge each other in these games throughout the year! Students will learn cooperation, critical thinking, strategy and sportsmanship, while having fun and being with friends. 

    Middle School Jazz Band

    Advisor: Mr. Kacy Dolan
    Advisor Email: kdolan@ccsd-k12.net
    Invited Grade Levels:Grades 5-8
    About the Middle School Jazz Band: Jazz Band will meet after school every Tuesday and Thursday. We will explore jazz music and how to improvise on our instruments. There will be a late bus provided or students can be picked up. As a jazz band, we are asked to perform for several special performances throughout the year. Last year we took a field trip to perform at the Cheektowaga Senior Center to culminate our year, where we were invited back again this year!

    Middle School Technology and Computer Club

    Advisor: Mark Cultrara
    Advisor Email: mcultrara@ccsd-k12.net
    Invited Grade Levels: ALL GRADE (5th through 8th)
    About the Middle School Technology and Computer Club: Middle school technology and Computer club is for pre-approved students in grades 5-8 that promotes involvement in science, technology, and engineering. The students will participate in building challenges involving problem solving, competition, and teamwork. 

    • Peer Tutoring and REMEDIATION ~ make-up work for students (October through May)
    • Chess and table games 
    • Lego challenges
    • Real-time strategy games 
    • Technology projects (arduino - computer programming)

    Meetings will be held in room M100 on Thursdays.

    Midway TV

    Advisor: Alex Baker
    Advisor Email: abaker@ccsd-k12.net
    Invited Grade Levels: 7th & 8th grade students
    About Midway TV: Midway TV is an after-school program that teaches students about video production. We service the Middle School through a video announcement system and produce videos with content submitted from faculty as well as original content that connects students to content areas. Skills students learn and partake in include:

    • Operating Video cameras and equipment
    • Writing scripts and using a teleprompter
    • Using sound equipment
    • Editing and publishing video content

    Our meetings will be held every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday after school from 2:45 - 3:30 p.m. or whenever the late bus comes to pick up students. Currently, the studio will be housed in room M217. 

    National Junior Honor Society

    Advisor: Lynnae Kwilas
    Advisor Email: lkwilas@ccsd-k12.net
    Invited Grade Levels: 8th grade inductees
    About the National Junior Honor Society: National Junior Honor Society is a club for 8th grade students that have been inducted into the organization based on their high scholastic achievement, community service, and character. This year, the NJHS members will be:

    • Running the school wide recycling program
    • Peer Tutoring (October through May)
    • Assisting teachers and staff as needed
    • Participating in various community service projects throughout the year both inside and outside of school

    Our meetings will be held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month in M204. Please email Mrs. Kwilas with any questions or if you have a community service project you would like the NJHS to participate in.

    Science Club

    Advisor: Walter Wasner
    Advisor Email: wwasner@ccsd-k12.net
    Invited Grade Levels: 5, 6, 7, and 8
    About the Science Club: Science Club will meet Thursdays this year in Mr. Wasner’s room (m129). This year’s major focus topics will be “Science in our Lives” and “Science Outside” with weekly activities built around them. Students will have some input in the selecting of weekly activities within these two main focus topics. 

    STEM Girls

    Advisors: Jessica McGill and Tricia Stonebraker
    Advisor Email: pstonebraker@ccsd-k12.net
    Invited Grade Levels: All girls in grades 5-8
    About STEM Girls: STEM Girls is a club for girls in grades 5-8 that promotes female involvement in science, technology, engineering, and math. The students will participate in cooperative building challenges involving problem solving, competition, and teamwork.

    Our meetings will be held twice each month in M226. Specific dates will be posted on the STEM Girls Google classroom page. Students must sign up by the day before each meeting on their science teacher’s door to ensure there are enough supplies.