Attendance Information

  • Absences: 686-3640

    Early Release Requests: 686-3640

    Late Arrival Verification: 686-3627

    Absence/Attendance Office Email:   

    Absences are not listed as Legal until written notes are submitted and approved. Phone calls can not be used in lieu of written notes.

    Students must be called in by 8am. The following information must be given:

    1. Full name of the person calling

    2. Full Name of the Student

    3. Date of Absence

    4. Reason for Absence

    5. Phone number you can be contacted at

    Students not called in – will receive a phone call from the school confirming the absence. This may include contacting the parent or Guardian at their place of employment

    Upon returning to school – the student MUST bring in a note to the front desk with the following information:

    1. Full Name of Student

    2. Date of Absence

    3. Reason for Absence

    4. Signature of Parent or Guardian

    Tardies (686-3627)

    Students arriving late to school must sign in at the Welcome Center with a note. Students will not be admitted to classes until they are signed in.

    Notes should have the following information:

    1. Full Name of Student

    2. Reason for Tardiness

    3. Signature of Parent or Guardian

    4. If the student had a doctor/dentist appointment, please provide the return note to the Welecome Center..

    Early Releases (686-3640)

    A note MUST be brought to the Attendance Desk before 8:00AM with the following information:

    1. Full Name of Student

    2. Reason for Early Release

    3. Time of Early Release

    4. Signature of Parent or Guardian.

    5. Phone number that a parent can be reached at to confirm the early release.

    Every student must be picked up by their Parent or Guardian unless prior approval is obtained from Administration. The Parent or Guardian must come in school to the Visitor Welcome Center, show identification,and then sign out their student.

    To discuss sxcessive absences or tardies, please call 686-3640 before 10:15 am or call your child's Guidance Counselor 686-3634.

Attendance Policy