• The Dignity for All Students Act is a district-wide incentive.  The goal of the Dignity Act is to create a safe and supportive school climate where students can learn and focus, rather than fear being discriminated against and/or verbally and/or physically harassed.
    Dignity Coordinators
    District - Nancy Kean, nkean@ccsd-k12.net, 686-3653 
    High School - Krystal Washburn, kwashburn@ccsd-k12.net, 686-3631
    Middle School - Nancy Kean, nkean@ccsd-k12.net, 686-3653
    Union East Elementary - Maria Kocialski,mkocialski@ccsd-k12.net, 686-3671
    If parents, students, faculty or staff have a concern that a student has been harassed / bullied to the extent that it interferes with a student's education, affects their mental, emotional and or physical well-being, or causes a student to fear for his or her physical safety, please contact the student's building DASA coordinator.