• Coach Pane

    Coach Pane began coaching the Unified Basketball team six years ago. When asked, Coach Pane stated that Unified sports is the highlight of his day. This program was started to give an opportunity to students who normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to play a high school sport in a authentic manner. We have grown as a program to be a 3 sport school who provides the opportunity for students to participate with Special Olympic Events and the Playmakers. His favorite memory would be all of the smiles that he sees every day. His second favorite memory is getting to watch kids make their individual improvements in each sport. This season Coach Pane is looking forward to working with a large group of new athletes and partners. We have had a large turnover this year and he is excited to continue our growth with a new group of students.




    Coach Sedor 

    Coach Sedor joined the Unified Basketball oaching staff 6 years ago. He feels very proud to be able to coach this team. He has been coaching athletics his entire career and says that he has not had as much gratification as he has had coacing Unified sports. Coach Sedor stated that this program has truly brought the community of our school together. His favorite memory from Unified Basketball was when during a game, one of our athletes made sure that a player from the other team was included. The entire gymnasium was so impressed by this athletes compassion and respect for the opposing team, he was given a thundering ovation (cheers and tears included)! One of the best parts of Unified sports is watching how the team comes together as a family, on and off the court. He is looking forward to a lot of laughs, love and smiles this season. 



    Coach Abrams

    Coach Abrams began coaching on the Unified Basketball team 3 years ago. Being a part of this team makes her feel proud. She says that the best part about this team is the bond they have with each other both on and off of the court. She is looking forward to going to Orlando with this team in a few months.