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New Teacher Orientation

One of the most important responsibilities in an organization is hiring the best people. The second most important responsibility is to train and grow those individuals. On August 25 and 26 we did just that with our New Teacher Orientation.

During New Teacher Orientation our new staff learned the following about the District:

Vision: To inspire

Mission: To inspire a high level of learning for all

Priorities: Learning, Whole Child, 21st Century Skills

Major Initiative: Restorative Practices

Beyond the learning about the vision and mission our new staff were introduced to the entire campus. The new teachers were required to navigate the campus traveling from the new Union East wing to the hallways of the High School. On the first day each new teacher was also introduced to their Mentor Teacher.  The mentor teacher helps understand the culture of our district and assist in meeting the obligations that a first year teacher has.

The second day of new teacher orientation was facilitated by the building principal. New teachers toured the Cheektowaga community, were given their curriculum and met with their Department Chairperson or Grade Level Team Leader.

Our new teachers this year are:

Union East Elementary:

  • Brooke DeMarco
  • Brittany Herbert
  • Raisa Mehltretter
  • Ricardo Mendiola
  • Rachel Platt
  • Joshua Schwind

Middle School

  • Victoria D’Amaro
  • Kaylee Dumas
  • Veronica Fraas
  • Danielle Masse
  • Brenda Perella
  • Katherine Santoro

High School

  • Canaan Clark
  • Morgan Forte
  • Andrew Hall
  • Krystal Washburn