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Silver Apple Award Winners

Five middle school special education teachers and three principals in the Cheektowaga Central School District have been given The Silver Apple Award. The award is presented to teachers who have dedicated time, service and passion to promoting education for students with special needs. This award recognizes their commitment to those who need support in ways sometimes that cannot be seen but can be felt through the heart.

(Pictured l to r) Receiving the award is Brenda Christopher, grade 8; Barb Clare, grade 7; Claire Godinho, grade 5; Amy McMahon, multiple grades; and Luke Silliman, grade 8.

Brenda Christopher   Barb Clare   Claire Godinho   Amy McMahon   Luke Silliman

The middle school teachers who are recognized this month are hard-working, compassionate, patient and seek ways to engage their students beyond the norm. Students respect and appreciate their efforts as does our community at large. These teachers always place students first, using every strategy, tool and activity to make sure students are successful.

Also recognized are Melissa Mitchell, principal, Union East Elementary School; Micah Hanford, principal, Cheektowaga Middle School and Scott Zipp, principal, Cheektowaga High School.

These leaders keep our schools focused on the state, as well as federal level regulations, but most important, ensure that students have access to activities, academic supports and guidance from our school counselors.