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Teaching Digital Citizenship in 1-to-1 Initiative

Our one-to-one (1:1) initiative for all students in grades two through twelve allows our students to use
technology to accomplish 21st century skills and learn about technology in a controlled, supervised
environment. It is our intent to create an engaging learning environment for all students while developing the skills necessary to be good digital citizens.

What is 1:1? A 1:1 program is when every student in a school or grade level has access to an
electronic device in order to use the Internet, digital course materials, and digital textbooks. At Cheektowaga Central we have chosen to use Chromebooks for our implementation. The reasons for this include lower cost, ease of management, and durability. Our program is designed that students in grades two through six will keep their Chromebook in school. Students in grades seven through twelve will be expected to be responsible for their Chromebook in the same way they are expected to take care of their textbooks and will take them home. Think of Chromebooks as the new textbook of the 21st Century. These students need to have access to this “textbook” at school and home.

Some immediate reasons for a 1:1 program are:

  • Greater student engagement
  • More creative learning outlets
  • Personalized learning
  • Improved teacher/student communication
  • Opportunities for 21st Century skills

The reality is many school districts across the United States have advanced to a 1:1 environment.
Their students have an advantage over ours but that is going to end this year. Our students deserve the best because they are best.

1 to 1 Webpage for more information