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    Addressing Behaviors In A Positive Way

    Almost every family has experienced a time when their child behaves in ways that seem very different from her usual behavior. There are many types of challenging behavior that may seem confusing, inappropriate or even frightening. Some children may act out in violent ways, like biting, kicking, or hitting themselves or others with objects. Understanding why this behavior occurs and addressing it in a positive way can help prevent future occurrences.

    Get behavior in shape at home

    How do you create a Positive Behavioral Support system in your home? This Web site gives easy-to-implement suggestions. Learn the reasoning behind different techniques and how to use them to achieve your behavior goals. Specific examples include: eating dinner, asking for things while grocery shopping, and budgeting to teach children the value of money.

    Reinforcing small changes in behavior

    Written by a psychologist who works extensively with children and teens with AD/HD and explosive and defiant behaviors, this article talks about how children and adolescents learn, about misbehavior, and small steps that parents can use to help their child toward better behavior.

     Tips for positively handling anger with your kids

    Everyone gets angry with their kids at some time or another - it’s normal - it’s healthy - it’s a fact of life. Kids know just what buttons to push and they push them! Tips on how to positively channel that anger, so that you and your family come out unscathed. 

    Alternatives to spanking

    Based on research, experts offer productive and concrete alternatives to spanking that parents can implement after little kids have misbehaved.

    Managing Bad Behavior At Home

    This article takes a look at the question of “why kids are horrors at home.”
    Your parent-friendly guide to functional assessment and support

    This 21-page guide describes what a functional assessment is, and what it can do to help your child. You can use this information to help your child at home, and also work with school staff to put a plan into place at school.

    Learning Resources: Printable Handouts

    Worksheets to help kids explore topics, practice skills, and build knowledge. These worksheets address skills in a variety of ways, from puzzles to mazes to letter and picture matching. Download and print any worksheet for free. Don't know where to start? Try our math worksheets, our reading worksheets, or our writing worksheets.

    Practice with all Subjects: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science 


     101 Ways  to Praise your Child

    Research shows that praise is more effective when you are specific in what you are praising your child for. When the child knows the specific behavior that they are being praised for, they are more likely demonstrate that desired behavior again.  Click the link  to view and conveniently print off