• The foundation behind Project Positive: The School Climate Transformation Grant

    In the fall of 2014, our district was one of only 7 schools across New York State that received The School Climate Transformation Grant. This grant has provided us with the necessary direction and support needed to make improvements in specific areas which can have a direct positive impact on our student's success, both in school and out in the community.
    A large focus of the grant is on our district initiative to implement a Positive Behavior Intervention Support framework called, Project Positive. Being a recipient of this grant is a tremendous opportunity for our district.

    What is Project Positive?

    Project Positive is our overarching Districtwide multi-tiered positive behavior framework.Within this framework are specific research-based features/components that have proven to improve the overall climate of a school by increasing the occurrence of positive behaviors and opportunities for learning.  The main features/components include having a set of clear rules and expectations, an Acknowledgement System, Consequence System, & Data Collection System. In addition, incorporating evidence-based practices into our daily operations to promote positive behaviors and opportunities for learning for ALL of our students.                                                         



     Cheektowaga Central School District Learning and Behavior Expectations

    A concerted effort was made to establish a consistent social culture and a common language across all of our buildings district-wide, through the application of  5 common learning and behavior expectations. Our building administrators collaborated and agreed on five behaviors that they felt were crucial for a student to demonstrate in order to be successful both in school and out in the community, regardless of their age. In each building, these expectations are referred to as the "The 5 B's". They are: Be Ready and On Time,  Be RespectfulBe ResponsibleBe Safe, and Be Kind.  Daily the expectations are taught and reinforced with our students, and students are acknowledged when they demonstrate these desired behaviors.

    Acknowledgement System                                                                                         

    • Students caught demonstrating "The 5 B's" during the school day will receive specific positive praise and will have the opportunity to receive tickets from building staff/faculty.
    • On the school bus, students will also receive specific positive praise from the bus driver and will have the opportunity to receive tickets from the bus driver when they are caught demonstrating any of "The 5 B's".
    • Those tickets can then be turned in to school by the student, in exchange for an incentive.
    • Each building has their own unique system and schedule for acknowledging students demonstrating our behavior expectations.
                                                                                                                                                                                       acknowledgement system pic

    Support from home

    We are asking caregivers to continue this acknowledgment at home. Praise your child each time you catch them demonstrating any of "The 5B's". This common language being used both in school and at home with your child will increase the occurrence of positive behavior demonstrated by them & the opportunities for learning. Thank you in advance for your continued support! 


    Consequence System

    During the 2015-2016 school year Discipline Referral Committees were formed and in each building, their discipline referral forms and process was revised. Resulting in a systematic way for us to document and address problem behaviors. Through this process, we are able to track trends and patterns in problem behavior, which allows us to more accurately identify and assign specific supports and interventions for our staff and students.


    Data Collection System

    Our district uses a data system called School-Wide Information System (SWIS). This provides us with a systematic way for collecting and analyzing our data, in order to use data to direct all of our decisions when action planning for ways to increase positive behaviors and academic scores.   

    2018-2019 Project Positive Planning Teams


    Union East

    Tier 1 Planning Team 

    Kristen Carlisle, Susan Corcoran, Julia Hamels (Assistant Principal), Kristi Jacobson, Erin Kensy,  Maria Kocialski, Deanna Krauza, Donna Lillis, DeeAnne McDonough, Melissa Mitchell (Principal),  Daniel Quigley, Leanne Slayton, Roxanne Terry, Kelley Washington, Kristin Yotter

    Tier 2 Planning Team

    Rachael Burke, Susan Corcoran, Jena Calph, Julia Hamels (Assistant Principal), Debbie Karp, Maria Kocialski, Lea O'Malley, Carrie Rassler, Shannon Stroh, Kelley Washington. 

    Middle School

    Tier 1 Planning Team

    Tonya Erni, Elizabeth Franklin, Melissa Goc, Brenda Gould, Micah Hanford (Principal),  Eric Lewandowski, Stephanie Schwartz, Amy Skierczynski, Krystal Smith, Tricia Stonebraker, Rachel Williams, Elizabeth Zaccarine (Assistant Principal)

    Tier 2 Planning Team

    Nicole Ball, Sharon Campbell, Melissa Goc, Micah Hanford (Principal), Candice Schneegold,  Krystal Smith, 

    Elizabeth Zaccarine (Assistant Principal)

    High School

    Tier 1 and Tier 2 Planning Team

    Andrew Baker, Kristin Bartnik, Karin Cyganovich, Michael Fatta (Assistant Principal), Joel Feagin, Laurie Ferry, Brian Hickson (Assistant Principal), Kyle Lackie, John Mowers, Brian Pane, Dominic Parisi, Scott Zipp (Principal)