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Rebranding Cheektowaga Central

Due to the updated New York State Education Department regulations regarding the use of indigenous-connected school names, logos, and mascots, the Cheektowaga Central School District is actively gathering input from our Cheektowaga students. We are asking our students to submit their ideas for a new mascot and name change.


  • June 2023 - Board resolution to adopt mascot/name change (mandatory)
  • July 2023 - Planning committee
  • September/October 2023 - Student submissions
  • October-December 2023 - Student voting (three rounds)
  • January 2024 - Official announcement of logo and name change

Our students' feedback is by far the most important part of this process.

The submission process will run from September 8th to October 13th. Please encourage your child to take part in this experience by submitting their idea of a new mascot and logo for Cheektowaga Central School District!