From the Desk of Mr. Hanford

  • Middle School Family,

    First and foremost I want to thank you for your assistance in making this situation the best it can be for your children.  Our staff are working tirelessly on creating new and unique ways to connect your children with content, and I know you are working your hardest to juggle all the responsibilities at home as well.  As I always say, it will be a team effort on all of our parts to achieve the best results throughout the time that we are all apart. 

    As we enter week three of our time away from the school, and our shift to distance learning using various platforms, we will be moving into our “New Instruction” phase in which teachers will be creating new lessons for students to continue the education they were receiving prior to working remotely.  Students will receive their work in google classroom, which they all know how to access as we have used this prior to our current situation.  Students are asked to check their classrooms, and email, daily to make sure to stay on top of assignments that are being pushed out by their teachers. 

    From my perspective, I don’t expect any of you to become the teacher during this time, but rather an ally in making sure your child has what they need to be successful.  If they, or you, are experiencing issues with the work, technology, or anything in between, please let us know.  You can email the teachers directly, the counseling staff, or the admin team for assistance at any point in time.  We are “here” to help you, albeit virtually, but we are available all day to assist as needed.  The biggest thing that we ask is to remind your child to log onto google classroom daily to stay up on their assignments.  This is the best way for them to continue the great education they were receiving before we started our distance learning process. 

    Like anything we do this will be a work in progress, and things may change over time as we move forward.  With this in mind, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding your child and their work throughout this time.  Communication will be our best way to make sure we have a good system in place for all of our students and their families. 

    I look forward to our continued work together as we move through this unprecedented time together.  Thank you for your patience, and assistance, throughout this process and don’t be afraid to reach out with anything you may need.


    Micah Hanford
    MS Principal