Self Assessment Survey


    Annually the SAS is given to assess how well we are implementing in each building with fielity and sustainablity. Below are the overall implementation averages for each building.

    Along with the subscales that you see below, the questions on the SAS are itemized and indivdually scored. Project Positive planning teams in each building will continue to analyze this data to determine the areas and components that we have implemented with high fidelity and monitor that they stay in place. In addition we will identify the different items or areas that need improvement, and will collaborate to brainstorm possible solutions and action plan accordingly. Our continued goal is to create and cultivate a school climate that encourages and promotes positive behaviors, and opportunities for learning.  In order to "provide every student with resources and opportunities for academic success and personal growth". 


    UE SAS 2018-2019


    (MS) SAS 2018-2019


    (HS) SAS subscale all years