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High School Counseling Center

Helping Students Plan for the Future

The purpose of the Senior High School Counseling Center is to help provide students with personal and inter-personal counseling, crisis management, school-to-career transitional planning, and course selection in accordance with state and local curriculum standards. We also provide a crucial link for teachers, students, administrators, parents, and members of our community.

High School Counseling Center 
Cheektowaga Central High School
3600 Union Road
Cheektowaga, NY 14225
Phone: (716) 686-3634     Fax: (716) 686-3648

Our Staff:

Name                                               Assignment

Claudia Rodems       (Grade 12:  A-K; Grade 11:  A-K; Grade 10:  A-K; Grade 9:  A-K)

(716) 686-3637


Frank Marchese       (All Student's with IEP's; Grades 9-10: Student's with 504 Plans)

(716) 686-3635


Rodney Staszak       (All Harkness/Potter Rd. Students)

(716) 686-3636


Laurie Ferry          (Grade 12:  L-Z; Grade 11:  L-Z; Grade 10:  L-Z; Grade 9: L-Z)

(716) 686-3618


Reuben Owens    (Grades 9-12:  ALL students at Pine Hill Education Center)

(716) 686-3683


Jeanne Kornowicz........School Psychologist .....................................(716) 686-3632


Joan Conti .....................School Social Worker...................................(716) 686-3631


Support Staff:

Donna O'Connor..............Secretary....................................................(716) 686-3634



HTTP://.CHOICES360.COM - This website is equivalent to having your own personal school counselor who's available on a 24/7 basis!   Setting up an account is easy:  Click on "Create an Account"; then type in the ACCESS  Code:  NY01254 .    Next, provide your own unique user name and password to identify your account.   Current college, career, financial aid, and free SAT/ACT practice information is also readily available!

HTTP://WWW.MAIALEARNING.COM  Maia Learning is a K-12 college and career readiness platform that engages students and helps them own the process of their educations. It offers career and learning style assessments, college & academic planning, portfolios, and more. 

HTTP://WWW.GUIDANCEDIRECT.COMThis website is an interactive online college and career planning resource where students can find college information to match their needs and personal preferences, review detailed profiles on colleges and scholarships, take a validated career interest assessment, identify career related interest areas, discover careers that match student interests, and house their personal resumes for college and employment preparation.    Our school id is:  3058856; and our school password is:  C81S2561 to get started on your portfolio.
HTTP://WWW.SUNY.EDU -  This is the official SUNY application website that is recommended for all SUNY colleges and universities.   Students can apply for up to six SUNY schools with this one application.
HTTP://WWW.COMMONAPP.ORG This website give students access to the COMMON APPLICATION  to most private schools and out-of-state colleges and universities.
 HTTP://WWW.CAREERZONE.NY.GOV - This website is sponsored by the NYS Department of Labor.  It is a comprehensive website that allows students to create and manage their own college and career planning portfolios.   Access to career videos are included, along with a host of career interest inventories which can be saved in students' career plans.

HTTP://WWW.WNYCOLLEGECONNECTION.COM    The WNY College Connection is your link to 21 world class colleges and universities.  Information is designed for students, parents, and high school counselors.  You will find links to admissions, financial aid, scholarships, career decision making, succeeding in college, internships, professional resources, planning a visit, and more.  This is a one-of-a-kind resource worth checking out! 

HTTP://WWW.MARCH2SUCCESS.COM   This is a FREE website designed to help students study and prepare for SAT and ACT Tests.   Students simply create an account, once this is accomplished, they will have access to all of the website's features, which include:   interactive SAT and ACT flashcards and practice test materials; interactive NYS Tests required for graduation in the areas of English, Social Studies, Math, and Science; and helpful links to prepare students for college and financial aid.

HTTP://WWW.YCG.ORG - YOU CAN GO TO COLLEGE!   This website is designed to help students overcome real and perceived obstacles in their way such as education costs, grades and academic concerns, competing responsibilities (ex. work vs. attending college), or if they are feeling overwhelmed and confused.   Learn how to apply to college, how to find a college that meets your needs, how to find financial aid to pay for college, hear real life student stories talking about facing and overcoming challenges, etc.!

HTTP://WWW.HESC.NY.GOV - This is the official website for Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).    Learn how to apply for aid, pay for college, and utilize financial aid calculators.     Access the Guide to NYS Colleges for college and career planning!

HTTP://WWW.FASTWEB.COM - The task of finding scholarships for undergraduate and graduate programs has been simplified through this web site.a software program called fastWeb searches over 300,000 scholarships, grants, and loans to find those that match the student's qualifications. A list of findings- including addresses, deadlines, and form letters for requesting details - arrives via E-mail within 15 minutes.

HTTP://WWW.NEXTSTEPU.COM is your source for college, career and life planning resources is your source for college, career and life planning resources.  It is a college access program that provides prospective college students, parents, teachers and counselors an easy-to-use online database of local scholarship information and relevant college and career weblinks.

HTTP://WWW.NYSFAAA.ORG - The New York State Financial Aid Administrators' Association provides free, comprehensive, independent, and objective information on financial aid for college.   "Ask the Expert" - your questions answered online.    Obtain a listing of local college financial aid nights.

HTTP://WWW.FAFSA.ED.GOV - this free web service allows students and parents to access and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form electronically. Information can be saved on a diskette so that it can be completed and transmitted at a later time. "FAFSA -On -the-Web" automatically edits the applicant's answers before transmitting, resulting in better information and fewer applications rejected by the Dept. of Education.

HTTP://WWW.SALLIEMAE.COM/PLAN - this web site allows parents and students to estimate the total, multi-year cost at more than 5,500 colleges and universities using real tuition and expense data.  It also provides estimates of repayment costs if student loans are part of their college financing plans.

HTTPS://BIGFUTURE.COLLEGEBOARD.ORG - BigFuture by the College Board is a free comprehensive website with a step-by-step approach that improves the college planning process for students, families and educators.   Students and educators collaborated to create interactive tools and media that guide students as they find, afford and enroll in a college that's right for them.  This site is highly recommended if students need to create a college road map plan.

HTTP://WWW.COLLEGEBOARD.COM- this web site connects the student to the publishers of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Practice tests and registration for the SAT I and SAT II are available on-line. This website also provides access to the College Financial Aid Profile Form that some colleges require.

HTTP://WWW.ACTSTUDENT.ORG - this site connects the students to the publishers of the AMERICAN COLLEGE TEST (ACT). Practice tests and registration for the ACT are available.

HTTP://WWW.BLS.GOV/OCO/ - this site is maintained by the US Department of Labor, which publishes the Occupational Outlook Handbook. You will have access to specific information on virtually any career (educational requirements, job outlook, working conditions, average starting salary, etc.). As a result, career decisions can be made more effectively.

HTTP://WWW.LABOR.STATE.NY.US- are you looking to find a job? This is the official web site for the NYS Job Service. Up-to-date job postings are available along with online applications for certain occupations

HTTP://WWW.LABOR.NY.GOV/APPRENTICESHIP/APPINDEX.SHTM - this site provides information on opportunities for students to enroll in apprenticeship programs throughout the state in various trade areas that include, but are not limited to: plumbing, electrical trades, carpentry, heating and air-conditioning, etc.

HTTP:// -   this is a site that helps students who want to pursue medical assisting career. Authored by healthcare providers who have years of experience behind them, the site mainly provides information on medical assisting jobs, career, training programs, certification, and also the best schools across the nation.  It crafts each and every article with the best interests of prospective and current students in mind. 

HTTP://WWW.LEARNHOWTOBECOME,ORG/STUDENTS-WITH-DISABIL - this site provides invaluable resources and access on-line for parents and students with disabilities who need assistance with college and career planning